Some of the Greatest Archeology Findings in the World

Some of the Greatest Archeology Findings in the WorldArcheology might not be one field that many people love to discus. The main reason is because this kind of field is not as easy as many people think. As an addition to that, the archeology is also one field that consists of many other parts to be examined such as culture, human, tools m materials, and many other things. However, to make it simple, the archeology can be simply considered as a study that sees the history and culture and learn about it from the materials such as the artifacts that are found in one place. Even though this kind of study is something related with culture, it turns out that some of the greatest archeological findings are considerably scary. If you are curious, here are some of those greatest findings on the archeology.

The first one is the baby bones on the Roman sewer. This finding was found many years ago when a team of archeologists are looking on the old Byzantium Roman site in Ashkelon. At one point, one of the team found a small thing that was believed as a small branch, but that small thing turned out to be one part of a bone of a baby. After conducting a thorough search, the old Roman sewer was a baby burial site. The second one is the Viking cemetery in England. This one can be considered as a coincidence because the team of archeologists was digging on a site poker online to a street in Dorset, England. However, instead of finding rocks, they found a lot of remains with no skull at all. As an addition to that, the total skeleton sets that they found are about 54 sets and the final search conclude that all of those remains are believed as the remains of the Vikings.

The last one is the old skull findings in Sweden. This one is quite new since in 2009, some archeologists were digging the lowest part of a lake in Motala, Sweden. They did that because they found a kind of thing that is believed as the remains of the primitive era. Unfortunately, they were shocked because they found ten skulls aged around eight thousand years ago. The age ranges from babies to elders. Those are some of the biggest findings in the world of archeology. Do not you think that this archeologists are just playing with bones and skulls as their artifacts?



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