Some of the Best Women Archeologists That You Need to Know

Some of the Best Women Archaeologists That You Need to KnowArcheology is a branch of study that teaches us that you can learn a lot of things just by observing the proper materials that you need. However, that is just the basic of archeology that many people need to know. That is because archeology is deeper than that and there are some of the best women who can be considered as the mother of archeology. If you are curious, here are some of those names that are totally famous in the world of Archeology.

The first one is Margaret Murray. She was born in England in 1863. During her 100-tear of life, this woman was totally famous. Most of her studies were related with the old and ancient Egypt as the main material of many of her research in the world of archeology. As the result, she finally developed a new branch of archeology called Egyptology. For your information, she was the first woman archeologist in England and she became one of the best that England ever has. The second one is Dorothy Garrod. Garrod lives on a slightly different time with Murray. That is because Dorothy Garrod was born in 1892. Most of her researches are about the life of the people on the Paleolithic Age, which is quite difficult, even for some archeologists at that time. However, this amazing woman proved that all of those things are just materials that can be learned. As the result, she found the first evidence of the middle stone age as well as the fact about the domestication of the dogs around that time.

The last one is Alexandra Jones. This one can be considered as the modern archeologist because she still lives until this time. She is one of the agen bola best in the world of archeology nowadays because she has an organization about archeology named Archeology in the Community. As an addition to that, she also uses all of her experiences to help many people to understand archeology better, even though she was not at it before. Yes, this is something intriguing because she was studying Biology in Howard but at one point she was attracted with archeology and finally she earned that degree in California, the University of Berkeley. Those are some of the best women that you can find in the world of archeology. For your information, there are still a lot of women who have a strong influence in the world of archeology.

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