Five Useful Tips You Can Do When You Visit Archaeological Sites

Five Useful Tips You Can Do When You Visit Archaeological SitesArtifacts and archaeological sites are very important to our history. Visiting them for education is recommended. However, we also need to know about the dos and don’ts before visiting them to help preserving the sites and artifacts. This article will elaborate some useful tips for it.

You can read several tips on how to enjoy and preserve archaeological sites on the list below:
• Leave them as they are: historic artifacts, even though some of them may look like trash, are not trash. Do not throw them away and let them be. These artifacts help the archaeologist interpret what happened in the past and it shows how the civilization used to live.
• No ropes: using climbing gear, such as ropes, to get into archaeological sites is not permitted as it may damage the site. The ropes may cause looting and falling roots which may damage the already-fragile archaeological site.
• Follow the instructed roads: whenever you travel to any cultural sites, make sure to always use the designated roads. Off-road driving may create new roads on top of delicate ecosystems and archaeology and damage them even before the archaeologists find them.
• Avoid revealing GPS coordinate: even though GPS is very helpful during expedition, sharing GPS points on your trip report online may lead uneducated travelers to sensitive archaeological sites. So, make sure to remove every location reference on your online post.
• Learn fire regulations of the site: always check where and where fires are permitted near the site. If the location you stay allow fires, make sure to use your own fire pan or the available fire rings.

The paragraph above already explain some tips you can apply whenever you visit agen sbobet sites. These tips are important to follow to make sure visitors can enjoy the site without damaging the artifacts and overall site.

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